If you have a question, please consult our list of frequently asked questions before reaching out for assistance.

How long has allure-swimwear-hawaii.com been in business?

allure-swimwear-hawaii.com, within the.myshopify.com family, is a brand-new E Commerce effort from Allure Swimwear & Pineapple Princess Lingerie (Allure, Hawaii). While this Shopify store is new, it is merely the E Commerce version of the stores that have been serving visitors from the U.S., Japan, local people, and around the world for over forty-three years. It is the same well-known store, just in a new "location" and format. It will sustain the long history of presenting superb high-quality merchandise with Integrity and very fair prices.

For more information on Allure, Hawaii, please visit our informational website at:


How do I find my correct size?

With women's swimwear and lingerie size is a very important issue.

SIZE GUIDES & CHARTS: A SIZE GUIDE or CHART has been provided for each product offered in the Swimwear. Lingerie and On Sale collections. The guides are specific to that item and are provided by the maker. To find the guide for a specific item, scroll to the right on the images on the product page. The Size Chart/Guide will be the last item pesented.
For all items we give as much information on sizing and fit as possible. Manager Teri, who served customers in person since the stores opened, is still here to help you. While she can't come in the dressing room with you now like she used to, she will do her best to guide your size and style selection if you wish. If uncertain, send an email to "ASK Manager Teri" on the CONTACT PAGE or to for more immediate reply to:


and she will reply as best she can as soon as she can and is always very happy to interact with her customers and help anyway she can.

What brands are you offering? Are they all the same as before?

Basically, YES.

This question is a little bit like asking "What time is it?" We can answer, with a polite smile and a wink, "Do you mean now?"

The collections presented here are carefully selected primarily for the Japan-market. Since that is a more specific demographic, some former brands, styles and sizes have made way for more items for that customer. Your favorites, and our exclusives, in the swim and lingerie categories will continue, and new, unique, and hard-to-find, brands will be added. The collection will change frequently . To see exactly what is being presented at any given time, please visit the ALLURE, HAWAII COLLECTIONS section.

What is your return policy?

A detailed answer is provided on our Return Policy page. You can find it in the POLICIES section in the footer menu. But basically, since swimwear, lingerie are classified as INTIMATE APPAREL (items that come in direct contact with skin), they CANNOT BE RETURNED. For your safety and hygienic protection, and ours, we will not accept returns of these items. This also ensures that the items you receive have not been previously worn by another person. ALL SALES OF THESE ITEMS ARE FINAL. All items are carefully inspected prior to shipping, but in the unlikely case an item is received in a damaged condition, it can be replaced. Please see the Return Policy page for details.

Do you offer discounts?


At the present we are offering a discount on your entire order. This is as both a "get acquainted/welcome" offer and to help offset some of the current negative exchange rate between the YEN and the USD.

Also, some Allure, Hawaii friends and associates are kind enough to recommend us to their followers. We are happy to offer an additional 5% discount to those they refer when that buyer enters a discount or promotional code they received from their referral.

How do I make payment?

Your order is placed with the very secure Shopify system. You can pay by almost any form of credit or debit card, many payment systems such as SHOPPAY, APPLE PAY and others, and PAYPAL.

Do you have SALES?

YES. You will find a SALE section in OUR COLLECTIONS.

We always price fairly, and do not build in higher prices that can later be discounted. We are still a selective curated boutique and not a mass retailer or Big Box Store, and do not have seasonal clearances. The items in the ON SALE section are usually the last few remaining pieces from collections that are being retired.

SALE items are new and in perfect condition. If you find what you are looking for there, you just scored a very good deal.

Do you sell wholesale in small amounts to stores such as small boutiques or surf shops?

Yes, and No. It depends on what you mean by "wholesale", but we are not a wholesale vendor. We are a store for individuals, and under our agreements with our suppliers, are not a general wholesaler or distributor.

However, we are happy to discuss a small purchase of multiple items to an individual representing a group, team, or small single business that wishes to obtain a few items at a significantly discounted - not wholesale - price. This may be possible for some items, but not others. If you want to discuss this, please send an email to Manager Teri at ssl_allure@yahoo.com, and we will be happy to discuss it.

Your store seems to be focused primarily on Japan and Japanese customers. Is it? If so, why is it?

YES, you are correct, we are. That is why the site is presented in Japanese and English. Of course, we welcome everyone from everywhere to our store and hope they will come and shop. We offer everything on the site to Japan, but because of certain vendor agreements and restrictions cannot ship everything to everywhere. We will advise you if we have a problem.

Our primary focus on our Japanese customers is real and for various reasons. First, for decades we have enjoyed a close and warm relationship with many friends & customers from Japan in our Hawaii stores. For many - first time visitors to Hawaii, frequent travelers, office ladies, housewives, retired people, professionals and celebrities- Allure Swimwear and Pineapple Princess Lingerie stores were a destination and a place to find the swimsuit or lingerie you were looking for and a friend. We wish to maintain those relationship and build new ones with our friends in Japan. That is a primary reason the store is structured the way it is.


When are you OPEN?

We are now on the web, and you can visit anytime.

We are very small, so we are not "ready and standing by to serve you 24/7/365", but here daily. We will do our best to be responsive to your needs. Orders will be shipped by the next regular day. We may close the site - or more correctly -suspend or pause operations for holidays, brief vacations or emergencies. When operations are paused you may still visit the site, but checkout will not be available. A notice of "pauses" will be posted in the announcements.

While the store does have a CHAT feature, because we are tiny and in a time zone very different in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, responses will not be in a chat mode in most cases. You may be better served with an email to us at ssl_allure@yahoo.com which is monitored much more closely.

Even for the rare vacations, " WE WILL BE RIGHT BACK!"

Do you accept Special Orders or requests for size or color not shown?

YES, but with reservations and limitations. We are anxious to please our customers to the maximum extent we can. However, we are limited in what we can do. We order styles, colors, sizes, etc., from vendors based on what we think you may be looking for and our experience over four decades. Orders are often placed months in advance of receiving and presenting the item here online. So, we may not be able to obtain it for you, and if available it may take some time, perhaps weeks, to get it to you. But, with that in mind, if you have a request, please tell us what it is on the Contact Us page, or preferably by email to ssl_allure@yahoo.com and we will try our best.

Do you mix-and-match sizes?

We sell most swimwear as sets. We select sets where we know the tops and bottoms are well suited to the vast majority of women.

HOWEVER, we do present the outstanding Mix-and-Match line H2OH Colors. Our selection is limited but may expand if we see a demand. All H2OH items are sold as separates and can be sized in any way you wish.

Lingerie items are sold almost entirely as separates, with some few sets being the exception.

What if my question is not answered here?

We recognize that there is a good chance that we have not addressed your particular concern. We are sorry If we have not provided you an answer to your question here in F.A.Q. or elsewhere in the site.

Please contact us at CONTACT US, or email at ssl_allure@yahoo.com

We will try our best to reply to your question as soon as we can.


Please excuse us for including this silly question for an on-line store.

BUT, for more than four decades of brick-and-mortar retail, this is by far the most frequently asked question we have ever had.

While we would be happy to help, this time you are on your own.